The Heritage Day was celebrated in style with a contest by luncheon club members. Each club participated in a grand parade leaving behind five contestants who would compete and the audience would select the winner focusing on cultural dress code and movements..

Once winners have been selected in all the clubs they then walked around on stage contesting for the title of “Ms and Mr Heritage”. The contest will be held every year to celebrate heritage day and in between other entertainment items will be added each year.

This year the title of Ms Heritage was taken by Mrs Nombula from the Boikhuco Luncheon Club.

Men also contested and even though we do not have too many men in the clubs they were enough to participate in the contest. The Title of Mr Heritage was taken by Iketsetseng Luncheon Club (Mr Molaoa).

There was traditional beer for club members to enjoy and to make the event as traditional as possible. What was beautiful about the event is that it displayed the different cultures we have in our clubs and having a platform to celebrate them equally.

The membership in the luncheon clubs has increased due to the programmes that we have during the week in the club venues and during monthly celebrations in our hall.