This year’s Mother’s Day was special, as Mrs Mosala bought 237 presents for luncheon club members. The Mother’s Day was held on the 16th of May 2012, and almost all club members were present.  They were too happy they could not stop singing, as they did not expect to receive such precious gifts.

The gifts came with wishing card, specially designed with each club member’s name on it and a message from Boikhuco Staff. The event was very memorable as for some older persons in these clubs do not receive any gifts or messages for Mother’s Day.

For each club there is a chairperson, and their gifts were different from the rest as they do tremendous work leading the clubs and their meetings, working with our luncheon club staff.

The event had a huge impact on the clubs, in terms of growth and attendance.  There’s still more ground to be covered in terms of marketing the clubs in the community as there are a number of old people who need these services. 

As we have more vibrant luncheon club staff that brings new things to the clubs every month, there is still more growth to be seen in the clubs.