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Residential Care is provided to older persons above 60 years who are in need of 24 hour care, cannot take care of themselves and have no one from their family to take care of them. In This service we provide the daily meals, 24 hour nursing care, geriatric care (bathing, feeding, medication), Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, transport to hospitals, religious and recreational programmes, counseling and information sessions
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The Day Care Programme is meant for older persons who do not have anyone to take care of them during the day. Inside our facilities they are safe, they receive three meals, exercises, physiotherapy, sports and recreational activities, health checks every day
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This is a service we provide to older persons in the community who are bed ridden, in need of care, but not sick enough to be hospitalized. Our caregivers make daily visits to their homes where they bathe, feed, assist them in drinking medication, dress bedsores, collect their laundry and our Professional Nurse checks their vital signs and refers them to hospital when neccessary
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We have 11 luncheon clubs all over Mangaung. These are social clubs of older persons above 60 years who are still active in the community, they meet in their venues every week to receive meals, information sessions, health checks, sports and recreations and arts ad crafts. We currently have membership of 523 older persons in luncheon clubs


We have an Orphaned and Vulnerable Children Project in Thaba Nchu, based in seven trusts (villages), in addition to these we have the Goelama OVC Project and Self Help Groups funded by the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund and the Isibindi Model, all these programme aim to improve the lives of Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in Thaba Nchu
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